Feeling Like a New Blogger


It amazes me that as a seasoned blogger I’ve gone way back to the beginning.  Since I’ve given myself the goal of July to start back to blogging 100%, I’ve given myself time to go back through so many posts, on all the different blogs, and add tags from way back when I didn’t understand tags or their purpose.  I can go back and add categories, too.

Through my agony of my non healthy day, today, I’m laying here going through and tagging just home made or make your own posts that come to mind.

I’m considering doing a few curated posts at the beginning of July.  I plan to bring forward many old posts and add new or updated details or just bring some things back in a group like a mini “new” index of old posts.  There is a lot out there that I wrote a very long time ago.  If I can’t find it, I can’t expect anyone else to find it.

At the same time, I want to put focus on my readers and what they are looking for so I’ll be looking at more analytics to see how others are finding my little ole’ blogz.

Hope today finds you as well as you can be. ~Heidi

Meet Laurel.. a Newbie to the Blogosphere

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And she’s back.. bringing you all the frugal she can find

Hi Readers. Its been a while since I posted and wanted to tell you that I’m back from my long hiatus. I didn’t take an official hiatus, I just disappeared and I wanted to apologize. My health had gotten in the way of my blogging life and well it had to come first, as you…

All New Unexpectations

I have been MIA over six months now.  I’m sure anyone has noticed.  I’m spending a lot of time on bed rest and have a bunch of blah blah blah going on in my life/health. I’ve come up with a solution..  new ideas. More curation here.  Weekly 9 inning round-up.  Help from my daughter when…

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