KFC Cole Slaw Dupe

I really have a specific palette for cole slaw. I either hate it or love it. I’ve only loved three cole slaws in my life. Most disgust me.  Here, in South Carolina, I like Walmart’s cole slaw. Every other state I’ve tried it in, it was gross, as always with most cole slaws. I have, yet, too, to find a cole slaw for home made that I’ve ever liked.

I watched our Walmart deli make their cole slaw one morning as I waited to buy some and they didn’t put anything wet, that i saw into it. I saw dry ingredients and when I got it, it was dry. By the time I hit the register, it had formed this milky juice. I thought that was the secret to my failed slaws. I’ve always followed recipes with mayo in it.

However, when I was watching this video, I was intrigued because KFC cole slaw is one I can handle.  I’m impressed with the ingredients and they seem tasty to me.  (the third place is Sonny’s BBQ, of course!)  Anyway, this is worth trying. Let me know if you do and how it worked out, if you get to the cabbage at the store before I do. I prefer napa cabbage and yet it might be too delicate for this recipe.  Did I mention I really do love cabbage. I know that may seem strange to most but there isn’t a form of cabbage, except maybe Kimchi (I don’t know) that I don’t like.

Here’s the recipe and the video:

Enjoy! Please let me know what you think and/if you’ve tried this. And certainly come back and let me know if you liked it or not if you did try it. Have a bite for me and let me know. ~Heidi

Gardening for Butterflies

Tweet Butterflies are one of the flying flowers that get my attention when I’m outside. I usually plant curly parsley for the caterpillars and Italian flat parsley for us to eat. This gives us a world of wonder as we watch creation in action.  Nothing better than hands on science. I do less gardening lately,…

Fun idea for coloring paper for cards or projects

Tweet Carolyn, at Carolyn’s Creative Corner has posted about how to color paper for cards or projects with twistables crayons and a cotton cloth.  It shades the color onto the paper and leaves a wonderful background for you to continue working on. See more about this at Carolyn’s Creative Corner

Feeling Like a New Blogger

Tweet It amazes me that as a seasoned blogger I’ve gone way back to the beginning.  Since I’ve given myself the goal of July to start back to blogging 100%, I’ve given myself time to go back through so many posts, on all the different blogs, and add tags from way back when I didn’t…

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