All New Unexpectations

I have been MIA over six months now.  I’m sure anyone has noticed.  I’m spending a lot of time on bed rest and have a bunch of blah blah blah going on in my life/health.

I’ve come up with a solution..  new ideas.

More curation here.  Weekly 9 inning round-up.  Help from my daughter when she is home.

I have missed you.  I am back for Spring Training and I hope you bear with me while I can’t stand in my kitchen and bring some new miracles right now.



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Disaster Preparedness Buy One Get One half off.. Walgreens

Hurricane Season officially has started. I was at Walgreen’s last night, with Girlie’s medical nightmare of respiratory distress. We had to buy a nebulizer and while we waited for the medication, I noticed.. Many medical supplies are buy one get one half off. Now is the perfect time to stock up your medical emergency preparedness. …

Duck Story Take Three

All was not lost. I guess they moved. ~Truly a Happy Mother’s Day~ Share

Owned by the Credit Reporting Agencies

A while back, I wrote a post about Protecting your Identity. It included forms to fill out and places to contact if your identity has been stolen.  We can’t live without the credit reporting agencies. They own us. Our futures and our finances depend on us getting on top of our own and Knowing what…

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