Monthly Archives: August 2008

"No, honey, its okay, Mommy can mess it up all by herself."

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Tonight’s Kitchen Miracle was a Kitchen Semi-Disaster. It was edible. Sort of.. LOL A few months ago, we shared kitchen duties to prepare this recipe for Rachel’s Asian Meatballs sans sauce. Our friend’s didn’t have a food processor and I think we chopped for a couple hours, to get all the…

Kitchen Miracles begin with..

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Eight thousand years ago, in my past life, I dreamed of Kitchen Miracles. It was the title of a newsletter I wanted to write. This was my pre-blog/web page life. It was just my everyday. Basically, I felt that every time I went into my frugal kitchen, I created a miracle….

Menu Monday

Tweet I’m going to try to list some things to try, for breakfasts, but not put them on any specific day. Maybe if I leave the recipes around, someone else can help, too. Breakfasts we are going to try:1. Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins2. Baked Oatmeal3. Cheesy Grits Souffle (Smoked Gouda substitute because I have it)4.Applesauce Oatmeal…

$100 off The Kindle!!

Tweet Image via Wikipedia I am too cheap to buy a Kindle. But I want one. I really want one. I got an email that there is an offer to get $100 off a Kindle.. It requires you sign up for the rewards visa card. You get an instant answer in 30 seconds. You…

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