Pet Insurance? One personal perspective

I was reading Carmen’s post at Untrained Housewife, about Pet Insurance, and I thought I’d tell you my little story.

tommy thibodeau RIP

Carmen mentioned:

1. Ear Infection $150
2. Bladder Infection $310
3. Upset Stomach/Vomiting $430
4. Allergy-Related Skin Problems $220
5. Skin Infection $160
6. Kennel Cough $160
7. Injured Muscles/Soft Tissue $280
8. Inflamed Intestines/Diarrhea $150
9. Laceration or Bite Wound $340
10. Sprain $200

And, although that is a breakdown for her pet, that is about what I expected if my Tommy, pictured above, were to get ill.  I never considered pet insurance.

I went out of town, and he looked as happy as a bug, like in the photo. I had to go care for my ill mother who had intestinal surgery.  While I was out of town, my cat got an intestinal blockage, too.  What are the odds?

The difference between the two different surgeries, is my Tommy’s biopsy came back major positive for cancer. He stopped eating within days of his surgery.  It spiraled so fast.

Long story short.  While Tommy now Rests in Peace, we have major medical bills to pay.

His first visit to the vet was $150.  They treated him for vomitting.

His second visit, for surgery, was $2000.  The first night after surgery, he had to be transported to a 24 hour hospital for ICU observation, $150.  Then the second day in the regular hospital/vet was another $100.

When we finally decided that forcing food and water down him was torture and inhumane, we decided to let him go.  We knew he wouldn’t live long with cancer, anyway and we knew we couldn’t afford any type of cancer treatment.

The cremation bill was $70.

Pet Insurance? I wish I had known about it.  Great post Carmen.

RIP Tommy. I miss you.

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